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Only the avatar can master all four elements and bring balance to the world.

Dance Yrself Clean
LCD Soundsystem


LCD Soundsystem - Dance Yrself Clean

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"I’ll leave you with this tidbit. 73% of all female characters in the 100 highest grossing films of 2013 were Caucasian, 14% were African American, 5% were Latina, 3% were Asian, and another 3% were aliens or fantasy races. Yes. In 2013, American theater audiences were about as likely to see a woman of an animal species or completely made up race as they were to see an Asian woman."
Points at favorite team: They're all idiots
Points at favorite player: Especially him.

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I’d watch out for Mr. Gibbins and Miss Castillo here. The quiet ones are usually the most dangerous.

my bf: *doesnt reply*

me: [fuck this, I can do so much better than this ashy ass bitch. what am I supposed to do with some lil dick for the rest of my life anyways??? let me call his best friend MATTER OF FACT LET ME CALL HIS BROTHER. he’s not even that cute for me to be stressing over him. only reason I dated him is cause my girl told me to give his lil ugly ass a chance I'm over it tho, next! ha ha!]
my bf: my bad I had to pee. 

me: I thought you did! wassup babe 😍😛

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when you are trying to make a mutual with someone who won’t follow you back